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About Us

After the experience of playing on other area fields and being invited to play as a member of the role playing staff at Operation Irene VII, Dana Poole, with the support of his wife, Debbie decided they would build a family friendly airsoft field they could share with others including their great nephew, Bradley, and his friends. Using the MOUT facility at Fort Knox as his inspiration, Dana put his construction skills to work and in the summer of 2010 CartCon1 Airsoft was created. Located on two acres behind their personal residence was a miniature town with 18 structures, one tower and 40 plus electrical spools to provide plenty of cover when moving between buildings.

As the number of players grew, Dana saw the need for a complete airsoft facility in the area and made a commitment to maintain the family friendly environment. CartCon1 Airsoft opened its doors on May 26, 2012.

We are a family owned and operated business and have been blessed with a host of fantastic friends to help with the day to day operations.


8425 Horton HWY
College Grove
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